We have owned our own business since 2000.  We have ALWAYS had an optimistic view about  “If you build it, they will come!”  Give the consumer good service and they will return.  So, over time, we have learned many of life’s lessons regarding success.  We were always up for any type of advertising we thought would work.  We put our name out there...All over...newspapers, magazines, radio and T.V.  Then, the internet and "social media" exploded, so we started to pay for advertising on the internet.  One day, we looked at our books and realized just how much we were paying for advertising.  It was a whopping 15% of our net sales!  We have to sell a LOT of merchandise for that 15%,  so, we stopped EVERYTHING!  Yes, we actually stopped all advertising.  It was not easy.  Every advertising person we had built a relationship with over the years was putting heavy pressure on us to come back. 


We bought a little sign and put it out in front of the store each morning with different messages on it, which would take about 15-20 minutes to change that message. What we realized was this little sign in front of our store worked! Finally, I suggested to my wife that we buy a big box truck and put our name on the side of it.   We began our search for trucks and came across a scrolling billboard type. If you don’t know anything about these trucks, you print ads on backlit paper and the signs roll up and down.  Well, THIS is where the story gets interesting...our business went UP 25% that year!  That year was 2010.  We were in the “GREAT RECESSION”, our industry was down 25%, but our business went up.  INCREDIBLE! The ONLY thing we changed was adding our advertising truck.  Our advertising budget is now approximately 5% of our net sales AND we have been growing ever since.

NEW ERA! We now own a fleet of LED digital advertising trucks.  The trucks allows us to, as the name suggests, reach the PEAK. The sky is the limit! It is a powerful promotional tool which enables us to change our messages to capture consumer attention INSTANTLY. This is what we call “IN YOUR FACE ADVERTISING!”.  The high resolution 3-sided trucks would be located in YOUR target area where it will be seen by many thousands of would-be consumers/clients. You will not be wasting any of your advertising dollars on people who are simply too far away from YOUR location. Trust us, it WORKS! Tried and True! 

We are HUGE advocates for small business...ours and yours! Our slogan is “SHOP LOCAL, YOU’LL LOVE IT!”. We frequent as many small businesses as we can in our area. We always use it as a talking point with our customers, as many of them are small business owners themselves!  Our goal with this advertising vehicle is to give small businesses a real chance to thrive, not just survive, in this era of new technology.  To give Mom and Pop shops an affordable and EFFECTIVE advertising and promotional tool that we KNOW works.

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